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How many sessions do I need? 

This depends on what it is you are wanting to achieve and accomplish. We offer one to one mentorship and individual sessions to help you put in place an effective and successful plan for a short term goal that perhaps needs just a slight tweak or adjustment to help you manifest your desire - to various programs that take a deep dive into personal transformation so that you can manifest the relationship, the business, the wealth and abundance, and the success that you are wanting to bring into your life such as the six week Becoming an Awakened Woman program

Payment via instalments are available. 

Do you do face to face sessions?

My work is international - All sessions are done remotely, via video on zoom which is very effective and saves an enormous amount of travel time for both of us! 


Do you focus on any particular aspect? 

We focus on all of it your life is important, as are you! 

It's important that all aspects of you - your physical, emotional and mental body are in alignment on good form and feeling emotionally balanced, so that you can handle yourself in the best possible way in order to feel confident, connected to your inner security, and centred in achieving and manifesting the goal, vision and life you desire!  

Navigating personal growth and emotional change is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. But! it can be challenging and stressful as it's often a time in our lives when we're asked to dig deep within our psyche and go beyond what we perhaps feel capable of. 

Being asked to step up and step forth into the truth of who we are which is always so much more magnificent than we often believe, can often trigger an avalanche of emotions, as well as subconscious beliefs, and fears that fill us with overwhelm, stress, and dread. And so, rather than being committed to our personal growth and happiness, sadly, we deny ourselves the very change and higher calling that we so desperately need.


Choosing change or breaking a promise to someone, something, or a lifestyle that is no longer serving you so that you can become a priority to yourself, your purpose, and your path can be a big ask! It is however, a requirement that we are all being gently guided towards so that we connect with our inner security and into the fullness of who we are. It's impossible for us to thrive when living in a state of unhappiness, denial, guilt, and fear.

Specialising in life improvement and mindset coaching work I use my skills, experience, and intuitiveness to identify the areas in which you need to strengthen yourself during times of growth, challenge and change -  So that you feel secure and empowered to not only navigate any of the obstacles, emotions, stress and overwhelm, or fear with confidence and assurity, but that you come through your experiences having made new choices that align with your true desires so that you can become the person you want to be, as well as having a clear and exciting vision for your future. 


Connecting to your inner security and your own authority is truly liberating work!


" A beautiful thing happens when you start paying attention to all aspects of your well-being - you feel sensual, vibrant, patient, clear, loving and healthy and you glow with radiance!"

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