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Fourteen Natural Healing Tips To Help You Feel Utterly Fabulous!

Begin by cleansing and regenerating your eliminative organs (skin, lymph, blood, kidneys, bowels and lungs)

Buy a juicer and use it daily. Juicing is the quickest way to get vital nutrients into the body. We like to think of juicing as nature's blood transfusion!

Eat at least half or a high proportion of your food every day in its raw and living state... Raw fruits and veggies are a must when it comes to natural healing.

Cook all your food lightly and avoid microwaves. Using a microwave will literally kill and zap all nutrients.

Cut out or at the very least seriously cut back on junk food, processed sugars, hydrogenated oils, smoking, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and other highly refined foods as much as you can.

Drink pure, clean filtered, water infused with lemon and herbs every day. The amount you need to stay fully hydrated depends on your weight. That being said, if you aim for at least two litres a day you're on the right track!

Use herbs and other natural resources such as homeopathy, herbs, and natural remedies to treat and heal your body and prevent illness.

Invest in your emotional healing and some form of transformational bodywork as often as you can - your mind, body and soul need it!

Get sweaty every day! It's so good for you to do some form of sport or activity that you enjoy preferably outdoors in nature. Your gorgeous body will be so thankful!

Eat some of nature's abundant super-foods every day - Coconut water, apples, spirulina, carrots, maca, cacao, and garlic... to name a few!

Try to wear natural fibres that allow the body to breathe.

Do some deep breathing every day. Even if it's only ten deep breaths, it'll help you pause and take what is most likely a much-needed moment.

Be mindful of your thoughts. What you think, is what you attract, so choose wisely!

Love and laugh as much as you possibly can and repeat daily!

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