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"Your Soul Never Takes on Anything Your Backbone Cant Handle" 

When Joanne Oswell-Jones was suddenly faced with a million pounds worth of debt, and the daunting responsibility of raising two daughters alone, she made a life-altering decision. Rather than succumbing to despair, she envisioned a path forward and felt a profound calling to share her journey with others.

Her mission: to inspire those confronting their own adversities and personal challenges, helping them to overcome obstacles and transform into the person they aspire to be. 

In The Task Ahead Is Never As Great As The Power Within, Joanne chronicles her remarkable transformation. With unwavering determination, she changed her life entirely by focusing on mindset, personal values, self-care, wellness, personal development, and spiritual and emotional healing. Joanne's candid account of confronting uncomfortable emotions and dismantling defense mechanisms offers a raw, real guide to personal growth. 

Central to her journey is the Six Essential Steps Program, a blueprint for tapping into your inner security, authentic higher self, and inherent power. This program empowers you to create positive change, manifest your dreams, and fulfil your deepest desires. By following in Joanne's footsteps, you too can awaken the greatness within and step into the truth of who you are meant to be. 

This inspiring self-help lifestyle guide is a testament to physical, emotional, and spiritual empowerment and well-being. Discover the tools to not only navigate life's challenges but to thrive and transform them into opportunities for profound personal growth.​​

 "To Live An Inspired Life You Must Align With Your Greatness Within


Joanne Oswell-Jones is my esteemed colleague. I am extremely proud of everything Joanne has achieved and contributed to the field of naturopathic health and personal empowerment, and so it is my profound privilege and great honour to write this short foreword for The Task Ahead Is Never As Great As The Power Within.

The Task Ahead Is Never As Great As The Power Within  - is a testament to Joanne's unswerving dedication to the work of mind, body and soul self-development. Joanne's insights and expertise ensure her audience and clients are imbibed with the very latest information on how to be the very best and most empowered version of themselves.

Joanne's Six Essential Steps Self Mastery program has a great deal to teach all of us and I highly recommend Joanne's books, services, products, and teachings to anyone with an interest in personal development, expansion and growth, and emotional well-being. 

John Andrews
England, 2024



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