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Just finished reading your book! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read it. It was a really inspiring and easy read. It is probably not the type of book I would ever think to pick up and read, but I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down! It has definitely given me food for thought on some of the things I need to change in my lifestyle moving forward.  

Katie C

Surrey, England

Reading It's Time To Divorce has been a wonderful experience - Thank you! 

 I found myself trying to eek out the experience so as not to get to the end. 

I have started to implement some of The Essential Steps to empower and elevate my life!

I highly recommend Becoming A Soulful Woman to anyone who wants to create positive change within all aspects of their lives.

Amelia R

London, England

What a wonderful lifestyle guide!  


I'm on my way to becoming a new woman full of energy and positivity... 

Elizabeth H

Suffolk, England

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